• Sophia Loren and Cursive Olivetti Lettera 32s Need Hip-Room


    6 comments → Sophia Loren and Cursive Olivetti Lettera 32s Need Hip-Room

    1. Looks gorgeous from the picture. My typewriter collection is decidedly unsexy, might need to find one of these cursive type numbers.

    2. It's a nice typewriter for sure, but I'm still Agnes's biggest fan.

      I mean, those periods... Beautiful.

    3. It's true, Joe. There's nothing quite like Agnes and those open periods.

      Looks like you need one of these cursive machines, Strikethru. If you can't find a cursive Tower, you should find one of these Olivettis. They're so lovely to write with.

    4. Thank YOU for stopping by my blog, Monda! I will admit this is the very post that started my obsession with script typewriters. Sophia Loren is a lovely name for a script machine to be sure, but the way you started off this typecast - single-spaced at first and then double-spacing when you decided the cursive needed hip room... ooh, I just about melted! And then I set off to stalk eBay ;)

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