• Math-Less Typecasting 101


    (This typecast brought to you on a 1967 Olympia Socialite, as yet unnamed.)

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    Collapsing World

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    1. You're my hero, Monda. A recent attempt to scan a simple photo felt like the Bataan death march.

      Not sure I'm up to trying this yet, but it's good to know I have a step-by-step guide to reference.

      Digging your blog.

    2. Why, thank you Duffy!

      It's my firm belief that anything taking more than four steps just shouldn't be done anyway.

    3. Great steps. It *is* kind of a pain, isn't it?

      One feature on my image software that I use sometimes is the "save for web" feature which reduces the file size of the overall scan. so it downloads faster.

    4. I did it, Monda! I actually did it. I still feel just a little bit dirty, but I'm glad I finally could figure it out. Even with your excellent instructions it took me a long time to figure out the scanner and get it done.

    5. You did it! I have to find it, now. You should leave a link here, Duffy, and share your typecastedness with the world.

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