• One Street Typewriter-Poet and My Retirement Plan

    I'm in grading-mode right now and have banned myself from All Things Distracting. I saved this little ditty a few weeks ago for just such a moment. I'm thinking about retirement and moving to Eureka Springs forever so I can be a typewriter poet in front of the cafes. If gas gets any more expensive, I may have to find a folding table and get to work sooner. Enjoy the video.

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    1. Thats how I'm retiring too. It's a modest dream. I heard Naples was the place to do it, but it's a a bit busy now. The thing is, you've got to have a really good hat.

    2. Exactly.

    3. Are you nearing retirement? I'm saving most of my cash for my eventual retirement 20 years from now. It's better to be safe than sorry. I want to enjoy the twilight of my life.

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