• Typewriter Repair Shops - Chicago and St. Louis

    Independence Business Machines - Chicago

    Jones Typewriter Company - St. Louis

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    1. Is it just me, or did that Jones guy not seem very knowledgeable? And the whole deal with the missing return lever on the Remington was just silly.

      I did however enjoy the Selectric in the mini typewriter car-wash (well, not "car-wash," but you know what I mean).

    2. Thanks Monda, I really enjoyed watching those. Long live the typewriter repair guys, you know?

    3. I was fascinated by the typewriter bath, although I like "car-wash" better.

      Long live those repair guys, indeed. The St. Louis video was a little sad, though.

    4. It is an art the fixing of these typewriters, some are so old and still working.

    5. thank you so much for sharing the videos, I HAVE a typewriter like these ones, and it is still working very well...

    6. Great article....and perspective. This is an interesting informative blog post here.... Thank you for providing the perspective. I just read a part of the article, so I don't know much what to say.

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