• Some things just shouldn't be done

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    1. Damn, my old dot-matrix printer is faster than that. And more purposeful. Let me guess: robotics student?

    2. By the time the thing moved it's robotic arm over to retun the carriage, I thought I was going to expire.

      It's a terrible thing to do to such a nice typewriter.

      I got a kick out of watching the traffic speed by in the bakcground, though.

    3. 1) what exactly is the point? i assume it's one of those "i wonder if i could..." kinds of things, that's cool to the person doing it becase of all the effort it took to figure it out.
      2) i also loved the dichotomy of this machine 'typing' at a glacial pace while cars (operated by humans) and bikes (ridden by humans) sped by in the background.

    4. Worst. Robot. Ever.

    5. Maybe I can be more comfortable with it if we call it Performance Art.

      I don't know, though.

    6. Hmm, I actually kind of like it. Artsy. And it doesn't look like the machine was "hurt" in the process, except for anchoring down to the table.

      Typist's a little slow, though. It has the same echo problem I sometimes get when I don't move my fingers out of the way fast enough. It's especially noticeable in the commas: the key is bouncing back off of the "finger" which is still retracting.

      I somehow find this one more fitting:


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