• Martin Tytell and the End of an Era

    A typewriter legend, Martin Tytell, died Thursday. He was 94.

    You have to read the article in the NY Times. I'm thinking some biographer needs to write this man's life.

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    1. How sad. I recently read an article about him by Ian Frazier from 11 years back:
      - and it was inspiring.

      I like to think that his work contributed to his longevity.

    2. :'-(

    3. It is very sad to hear of Tytell's passing. I'd read an article about him a while back:


      and always harbored the fantasy of someday meeting him. Alas.

      By the way, I have Zelda's twin sister. Her name is Cassandra. They are beauties, aren't they?

    4. I absolutely did not realize I was repeating information. Bad on me.

    5. I truly think his story would make a fascinating read (or even a movie). If only I was a terribly clever and successful biographer, I'd jump at the task.

    6. Bummer. I could use a repairman, too. Someone gave me a Smith Corona Galaxy and the "r" key has fallen off. Epoxy won't hold. I wonder if he could solder it back on.

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