• Typewriter Slamming the JuSt WriMo, Day 1

    6-1-09 typecast

    In honor of JuSt WriMo (June Stuff Writing Month) and in anticipation of JulNoWriMo (July Novel Writing Month) I've decided to post some really terrible typewriter slams. Since both JuSt WriMo amd JulNoWriMo are thankfully loosey-goosey with their rules, I figure I can do just about anything I want.

    What I want to do is type every single day to one of the prompts on my Easy Street site. The thing is, I have 548 writing prompts on there, and I've never used a single one. Ever. I think finding and posting them takes all the AHA! out of it for me. At any rate, each day during the month of June I'm going to hit the random prompt button and write whatever comes to mind, and I'm going to do it on old pieces of stationery. With a typewriter. Maybe I can shake off some of the academic dust that's settled in my head, I don't know.

    At the very least, I can use up some accumulated paper as an excuse to buy more.

    Today's prompt is #13, Double-wide Love.

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    1. "Their love was just as mobile as their home". Love it!

    2. I can see that an envelope isn't going to work well for that very reason. Trailer park love needs more room, oddly enough.

    3. Great imagery in that piece. It made me feel uncomfortably hot. I think I may have squinted a little, too.

      That prompt site is awesome. I am totally going to use one this month (but which one? it's a secret!).

      Good luck on JuSt!

    4. Holiday Inn of Bethlehem? That's exactly the perfect paper for that piece. Bet you're good at choosing wines, too. Well done.

    5. Where do you find all the interesting stationery and things? Color me envious.

      Nice word picture!

    6. Y'all obviously spend less time on Ebay than I do. Between that and the St. Joseph Catholic Church Flea Market, I've got a file cabinet half filled with crazy paper.

    7. Yea duff said it, the paper fits the bill. Nice piece.

    8. Creative blog!

      Tried to leave a comment at EASY STREET . . . but the comment box won't come up. Maybe it's a glitch in the redesign?


    9. I love your blog! I found it by searching for vintage typewriters. I didn't even know they still made ribbons for old typewriters until a week ago. You're definitely going on my blogroll.

    10. Thanks so much for stopping by! And look out - I'm returning tomorrow from a VERY lucky typewriter shopping trip...

      Ah, nothing like a new typewriter to get the summer going!

    11. Hahah funny to see this typos, more funny is that sometimes you read the article several times without seen the error until it is published.

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