• The Good, the Bad, and the Smelly


    Hmmm. It looks like Tallulah is droppin' her 'G's again. It's a common malady with some of these southern machines.

    This paper, by the way, is vintage Eaton's Muguet des Bois scented and engraved stationery. Well, at least it's still engraved. The floral scent smells musty and cigar-like now, and I'm not sure I can get the des bois back in the muguet. Regardless, this stationery makes me want to have a terrible crush on some summer boyfriend from the lake just so I can write to him the day after he leaves.

    Sigh. Time to Ebay.

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    1. Not to swoop in and snatch your auctions up, but I've been looking for some pretty paper to write letters on cuz my boyfriend's gonna be leaving for the Navy...sigh...what do you search to find these pretty papers?

    2. You know, I come here for the typecasts and the southern gentility, but I stay for the fantastic stationery.

      Congrats on the Quiet-Riter. I'll tell June that another one of her sisters have made the typosphere.

    3. I recently got outbid on a set of 7 sheets of Corona stationary, featuring Santa typing up his list on the new-for-Christmas 1940 Speedline. I secretly wondered if that was you getting back at me for Clarice.

      The thing about those Holland-made Remingtons is that they're all pretty much the same inside the shell. I'll just bet that if you found another Holland Remington you could fix the Streamliner--or just transplant the case.

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