• My Envy Knows No Bounds

    Nice picture, huh? That's nothing. Look at THIS if you can without weeping a little at the brilliance. Typecasting at a new level.


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    1. That's so pretty. Whose is it? Can we break into their house?

    2. I can't believe that no one in the typosphere thought of that.

    3. Beautiful, and so true!

    4. Is it orange or red?

    5. I'm with you, Mike, one of us should have done this a long time ago.

      James - couldn't you just die?

      Julia, I'll bail you out. I'm thinking the Sisterhood of the Traveling Typewriter here.

      Strikethru - technically that one is "tomato red." I guess it's red/orange. Whatever the color, it needs to be sitting on my desk.

    6. My god, that's gorgeous. It would go so nicely with a new outfit I bought, too....

    7. great site

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