• Typewriter Repair in Houston

    See, this is the kind of thing that makes me smile. (Note: Don't let the "Dancing with the Stars" ad run you off before you watch the whole thing. It's worth wading through it to get to Ross and his machines.) You can also read it here.

    Anyone live near Houston?

    Mobile Typewriter
    710 West 11th Street
    Houston, TX 77008

    713-869-3317 Ross Herdejurgen

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    1. I was working on a story for work and I found 2 places in Southeast Michigan. I'm apparently the only one up here on the internet, but whatever. I guess they mostly serve the bluehair crowd and the few places (legal offices, jails, etc) that keep an ancient electric around for forms. I'm jealous that there are typewriter places Out West...we're sorely lacking here.

      Moral of the story is, it's sad that there aren't more places that fix typewriters still, because not all of us were graced with typewriter-repairmen dads and, face it, when my dad dies (he is an old coot) I will have nobody to repair my typewriters, nor will any of my friends. Because we are starving students, dammit, we can't afford either of the repairmen around here...

    2. Monda, Thank You!!! I just moved to Houston and have been looking for the perfect place. It looks like you may have led me there. This is the icing on the cake. I need to take my SM9 in after the poor thing got a little tossed around shipping it here. I can't wait. Thank You

    3. Julia - I'm sure your daddy is not an old coot. besides, he fixes typewriters for you! I'll keep looking for a reasonable repair place for you.

      James - I'm so glad you're in Houston. Let us know all about the visit to Mr. Herdejurgen's shop when you get back. He seems like an awfully sweet man.

    4. Will do, I'll bring my vid camera and post it with a link to youtube. I just need to find a day and head over. Thanks again

    5. James, looking forward to your video! It just kills me every time I see one of these stories.

    6. Funny I just posted a comment about how typewriters can't be found. It used to be one library had one. No more. These applications that need tto be filled in and can't be typed on using acrobat are bad. My printing is not good. Sad in CA.

    7. How frustrating! I hope you find a typewriter soon. It might be worth stalking your local Goodwill and junk shops to find something to use. I've seen working machines go for almost nothing.

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