• It's Carnival Time, Y'all

    This blog carnival thing is fun. It's especially nice to know there are other notebook/paper/pen obsessives out there. Take a walk through Notebook Stories' list of scribblers in this month's Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper - better than a midway and no carnies. Our friend Strikethru is there, and she's also the Notebook Addict of the Week. There should be a tiara involved, but maybe that's just how we do it down South. I've got a post or two in there as well. Thanks, Notebook Stories!

    There's another Carnival of Pen, Paper and Pencil next month hosted by The Pen Addict. Visit the submission guidelines and go write something. The next deadline is September 6th so there's plenty of time

    So...where's the typecast carnival?

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    1. The typecast carnival never ends....

    2. True! We are every day a carnival around here.

    3. I love carnival every day.
      Thank to you for doing this for carnival.

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