• Setting up a Tent at the Retro-Tech Revival

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I think we have a convert. Abby's a fresh college graduate and an extraordinary writer who edited our literary magazine last year. The pink GoLightly was a gift from me and a sterling example of Writertypes' fine mechanical voodoo.

    I don't know another soul on the planet who would change out type bars to cursive and paint an old Sears Forecaster just the right shade of ballet slipper pink. What a man.

    Abby says,
    I swear, it was meant to be. I typed away until I was out of ideas, which is something that hasn't happened for me in a very long time. Something about the medium of a typewriter makes words feel so deliberate and special, without backspace, every sentence and thought is, am I meant to say that or maybe I needed to say that.
    Shake the tambourines, brothers and sisters.

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    1. Can you GIMME hallelujah!

      Word ver: rimpropa: to install the proper-sized spinners on your Escalade.

    2. Rimpropa is the best one of the day. You win. For Christmas, I may put spinnas on Em's minivan.

    3. AMEN to the typostles !

      Type it from the rooftops (and the Maine lighthouses!)

    4. Hallelujah! Welcome, Sister Abby!

      Word verification: lizediz. Yeah...that'd be me.

    5. I couldn't be more proud. Seriously. Although I suspect every poet needs a typewriter anyway.

      (On a side note, is anyone else having problems with the Firefox update? That badboy's wreaking havoc with me. It keeps assassinating my uploaded pictures and stumbling around Google like it's drunk.)

    6. Every writer needs a typewriter. Great job!! Spread the love of the typeosphere Monda

    7. Yea and he said unto the people "Type up some stuff." And it was good.

    8. Jealous of that. I covet everything. Guh.

      So glad you got a convert on your hands, though; I just converted one of my friends and she took home this beautiful Adler J5 that I'd been coveting. Bummer for me, but it types like a dream for her, and the bell sounds so cute.

      I'm jealous of the pretty pink typer, though. If it were mine, I'd name it Molly, because Pretty In Pink is one of the best movies ever and Molly Ringwald is akin to a saint in my world.

      And Firefox is making Livejournal eat its logins for me, so I am not happy with it.

    9. I wish I'd named this blog "The Typewriter Gospels" now. Too late, James and Mike. I'll use that title for something.

      Julia, you're better off without the Adler. I've never typed on one that didn't have an odd feel. Adler's may be the only typewriters I've ever turned away from.

      You've got a point. Molly Ringwald played a sweet girl from the wong side of the tracks, while Holly Golightly was prostitute from Arkansas. Big difference.

    10. I was so in love with that Adler, didn't feel weird to me at all. After my dad got it all cleaned up and stuff it typed like buttah'. I wouldn't call it weird, more just like the super-early computer keyboard I had to play with as a kid...maybe that's why I liked it so much, idk.

    11. Keep on typin'

    12. I had to stop by and say congrats on your blog of note today. I've always enjoyed Easystreet Prompts (still reading it in my reader). Delighted now to see Fresh Ribbon make headlines. Keep up the good work girl. Have a great day.

    13. Michelle, thank you! I had no idea until I read your comment!

    14. awesome

    15. the best

    16. Thanks, GLT and De Vaden. Glad you could come by!

    17. wonderful!

    18. Why thank you, groupbuyer!

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