• Thank You, Blogger...

    . . . For proving that lightning does indeed strike twice. Wow. I'm truly speechless right now, and that's uncommon. I need a moment to collect myself.

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    1. Just saw you on Blogs of Note. Wow, there are so many times when I wish I still had a real typwriter! I still use a film camera, so I'm definitely on the same page with you!

    2. The grown-up part of me wants to congratulate you. My inner two-year-old wants to shriek, "No! Our Monda! Our Monda! Keep out!"

      Word ver: hamblat: to regularly misquote Shakespeare even though you have never read the plays and don't understand what it is you're quoting, but you persist because you think it makes you sound smart.

    3. Thanks, MyVintageCameras! Listen, there are some real camera buffs that pop in here from time to time who'll love talking to you. You need a typewriter, friend. It's the answer to all life's complicated questions.

      Oh, Olivander. Our little Julia Eff felt the same and I've had to console her.

      I know many hamblatters. Too many.

    4. JULIA EFF IS STILL NOT AMUSED. hopefully, this won't be as violent a commentstorm as No Telling. How do they pick these things, anyway? I never check the blogs of note, so one of mine could be featured and I'd never know. But then again, nobody follows my insane ramblings anyway.

    5. What a nicely designed blog for your special interest of typing the old fashioned way. I love all things old too, especially vintage Singer sewing machines. They are real workhorses.

    6. Julia, I doubt we'll be overrun here. Besides, just thing of all the typecasting love we'll be spreading.

      Thanks, Kathy, and there's a very special place in my heart for those old Singers, too. I've got two, actually - a seafoam green number from the 40's and a blue and white retro number from the late 60's. I can't kill either one of them.

    7. Our Monda she's grown so fast. Really though, Congrats!!!

    8. Did someone mention old Singers in here?

      Beautifully put together blog, the lay out is so different from the blogs I've seen, I love it.


    9. We expect great things from you, Monda. (A novel cough cough)

    10. Sigh...pretty soon she's going to forget all of us little people. At least I'll be able to say "I knew her when..."

    11. Congratulations on being part of Blogs of Note.

    12. Congratulations.


    13. Congratulations.


    14. Bravo et félicitations, Monda !!
      All this means you must write more (and often.)

      (word verification- papti : David Ortiz meets Earl Grey.)

    15. Interesting blog. I searched to see if you had any posts about the soundtrack to "Atonement" but couldn't find any (Blogger search is a bit wonky). Anyhow, if you haven't heard it, you absolutely must -- a manual typewriter is incorporated into the soundtrack throughout for dramatic effect. It's unequivocally a brilliant score and won the Oscar for best soundtrack.

    16. Thanks so much, folks. This is good incentive to pull out the typewriters and get to steppin'.

      And the perfect excuse to do a little typewriter/vintage paper shopping.

    17. Congratulations! I always love coming to your site, the layout is quite fitting and impressive.

    18. Congrats! You have some pretty interesting stuff here!

      Ashley Kay

    19. A great big CONGRATULATIONS from this Ozarks farm chick. You and yours have a wonderful week-end. God Bless!!!

    20. Congratulations! Again...
      Wow, TWO of your blogs win Blog of Note one week apart!

      This and No Telling are very attractive. I wonder if the cooking one will win too (I usually hate sarcasm, must be jealousy...)


    21. Hi there,

      I think you deserve this and much more.

      Just another Blog of Note.

    22. Thank you all for coming and for your kind (mostly) words. I've swept away most of the spam, I hope, and the floor should be a bit more presentable.

      If any of you know of good typewriter finds, please tell all. I'm looking for a little something in red.

    23. Congrats on making blogs of note! I too love the old vintage typewriters and type set. Granted, they are more work then modern conveniences of computers, but the sound alone can break a writers block. I know, I am one. Great blog, and CONGRATS again! DS Williamson

    24. excellent blog, well deserved to be featured on blogs of note, congrats ;)

    25. Thanks, D.S and Tim. I'm so glad both of you stopped by.

      "...the sound alone can break writer's block" makes me smile. It's true, you know.

    26. Congrats!
      Nice blog!!

    27. Well, heck, Monda! So far, you're just batting a thousand, aren't ya? Julia, if the newbies here get too thick on the ground, you, me & Olivander can hatch some kind of plot together to thin the herd.

      Just kidding! Congrats, girl. I always thought this was a blog of note.

    28. wow congrats! very nice blog

    29. Rikke and Dennis, thanks for the kind words!

      Kathi, so far I'm batting closer to 15k. I don't even know what to say, except thanks for the congrats and hand me a flyswatter for the spammers.

      Oh, and I found some pretty letterheads...

    30. Hi again,

      You can -if you want-, delete all the spammers messages.

      Or you can also review your setting in the comment area.

    31. Very very interesting stuff. Thanks for posting.

    32. I really, really love you blog layout. You deserve being on Blogs of Note! Keep it up!

    33. brings back memories of the workout My hands used to get on the manual typewriters ahh!

    34. Love your blog.

    35. Very cool blog - congrats on the Blogger mention! Love the layout!

    36. Thank you all so much for coming by with such kind things to say. I'm overwhelmed and unbelievably grateful.

      Somebody get Tom a typewriter...Stat!

    37. It is awesome.
      I love this blog. It is really good with look and content.

    38. Congrats on “Blogs of Note.”

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