• The Quest Begins

    You know Margaret Mitchell. Gone With the Wind is a classic both in print and in film and she had her fingers on the typewriter keys for both. This post is not a tribute to this Southern scribbler, there are tributes aplenty across the internet and mine wouldn't do her justice. Fine Literature? Not really, but she wrote an irresistible story.

    I accidentally found this picture of her at Born Today as I cruised the net for something else. I find a lot of fine things that way, but this one stopped me cold. Bless her heart, Margaret's not much to look at in this photo. It's the brooch she's wearing that nearly killed me outright.

    There's no mistaking it. That's a typewriter ribbon done in pearls.

    I. Must. Have. It.

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    1. me too

    2. hi Magie

      I really enjoyed this read and loved the broache she is wearing, well spotted :)

    3. I'm trying my damndest to scare up anything close. My guess is Mrs. Mitchell (or someone) had that made for her.

    4. You've got the eye! I don't think I would have realized that.

    5. You think? It could be just a generic loopdidoo. Although the resemblance is quite uncanny. I can't unsee it.

    6. Searching Ebay for something like this is frustrating. I may need to find a jeweler and whip this up 'specially.

    7. Oh yeah, Monda. You must. Have it. God bless her. MM may have been as homely as a picket fence, but she was very cool to have found and worn that elegant little symbol of writerly pride and success.

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