• Avant Garde Typewriter Music

    Clearly DaDa never died. The typist/musician is obviously working on his NaNoWriMo novel.

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    1. One might say that DaDa never died; it just went nowhere.

      I did like that better than The Typewriter Tape.

      Word ver: bityr: the cranky old man in the Middle Ages who often shouted, "Hie thee fromm mine lowne!"

    2. Unrelated, but what's new with the writing center BAROP?

    3. I've been slow this month to respond - NaNoWriMo and those crazy classes I teach. My days are beginning to look like that video, Olivander, only faster.

      Strikethru, it's time for an update on the Writing Center BAROP. And for some tech tips - the roll ha become unwieldy and wants to spill onto the floor every time a student types. This doesn't seem to deter anyone, but it's become an irritant.

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    5. This is the most avant-garde stuff I've ever hear in my whole life!

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