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    I just found out. Ed Cordon, my friend and typewriter repairman at Acme Business Machines is gone. Those interested may want to leave a message here. I'll send a long letter to his wife, typed on one of the many typewriters Ed lovingly resurrected for me.

    It isn't enough, though. School began and I was busy. I never called and now I can't.

    Ed was a gentleman and a good man, and is missed.

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    1. Sad news, Monda. I wrote him a letter on my 1930-something Royal after your adventure out there when you told us he was ill. I hope he received it and got some comfort and pleasure knowing that people all over the country were hearing his story and appreciating his handiwork.

    2. :-(

    3. Oh, Monda. I am so sorry to hear about Ed. Thanks to you my dad and I had the pleasure of meeting Ed and spending some time discussing typewriters in his shop. I have a really good memory of that whole afternoon actually, my dad getting lost on the way there, the way Ed's face lit up when he realized I knew something about the machines, he and my dad talking over the days of the teletype machine.

      Rest in peace, Ed.

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