• The Prodigal Daughter Returns


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    1. Many happy carriage returns to you, and what an appropriately Epiphany story of your Christmas!
      So glad to see your posting, too!

    2. Happy birthday Monda, and hopefully many more :] Good way to get back on the wagon.

    3. The Mini's a lot of fun, but it's no '58 Tower President. Agnes is the bomb.

    4. Happy Birthday, Monda. I love your Christmas story. As always, the greatest gifts of all are the wonderful friends who know and celebrate each other handsomely. Enjoy the celebration!

    5. Oh! I would do anything to put my hands on a typewriter that is fitted with this cursive font. Look at those "E"'s... Being a writer from Montreal, it would have to be a french-canadian keyboard, complete with accentuation.

      Just in case, has anyone found a computer font that mimics the cursive Tower President, or the Lettera, or the Hermes?

      I have the Script font from a Selectric, but it does not have the descending capitals that I see displayed here.

      Any ideas?

    6. I love these vintage post cards! do you have more ? it would be nice!

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