• Late to the Dance: Megan Chapman's Typewriter Art

    Megan Chapman at Art Maven

    Having recently risen from a two year paper-grading-induced coma, I started poking around in my feedreader to see what I had missed. Quite a bit, it turns out.

    Megan Chapman, one of my favorite Arkansas artists, created a series of paintings last year that floors me. It's a mixed media series using typed texts and vintage papers called Sometimes I Love You and other stories, and as luck would have it some of the pieces are for sale on Megan's Etsy site Art Maven.

    Typing and aged papers and poetry - oh my! I adore everything about this series and am feverishly figuring out which piece needs to live at my house. Visit Megan at her blog as well - tell her Monda sent you and begs forever pardon for strolling in so late.  

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    1. Oh Hello Dear You!!!

      This just makes my day! Thank you so much for featuring my art. I am really glad you found my recent typewriter pieces. They look so good over here. :)

      Long time no talk... really pleased to be back in touch.

    2. its great..
      more ribbon trends

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