• Dolores, Our Lady of Sorrows - a Make-over

    "Our Lady of Organic Cheerfulness"

    "Our Lady of Perpetual Disco"

    "Our Lady of the Lost Barroom Fight"

    Just Dolores, bless her heart. Ugly as she is, my photography only makes things worse. She deserves better. (And a special shout-out to the techno-magicians at Photobucket for making this reveal possible. Such as it is.)

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    1. There's something elegant about old typewriters, isn't there? Unlike old computers, which generally just look sad and archaic. (Except for the Commodore 64 of course!)

    2. Well, the color certainly is distinctive, isn't it? Is that brown? It's difficult to say, my eyes are watering, wanting to wander around the fringes of the photo. She's quite the contrast to the parade of candy-colored machines that you've shown off before. There's an air of "stern chaperone at the debutante's ball" about her, standing by in her sensible tweed amid a whirl of taffeta. Little do the debs know that she's got the heart of a poet.

    3. I am lately taunted by Quiet Riters. I must have one!!!

    4. Mr. Clemens is being terribly careful - and nearly Southern - in his diplomacy. Such a gentleman.

      And James - you're so right. I've never had a single emotion towards a computer that wasn't somehow born of frustration. And they're all unlovely, as a rule.

      Since Strikethru is duly taunted, I feel like we're even. She has a sweet, sweet cursive Hermes 3000 I pine for.

      I'm still going to be on the lookout for a later model, more angular and spiffy Quiet-Riter 11. Count on it.

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