• Janis Joplin, Jorma Kaukonen, and the Typewriter Tapes

    Yes, Virginia, there is more typewriter music. Here's a little bluesy moment for you thunkety-thunk typewriter fans and those who just love Janis. Perhaps there are a few of you out there who are both. Like to download a few songs? Click here and put The Typewriter Tapes on your Ipod. I'll bet Janis never dreamed such a thing was possible.

    Good Lord. I think I just resurrected my DJ voice.

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    1. Janis and Jorma, huh? That's so cool...and the typewriters fit right in there, haha.

    2. Whoa...is this sweet or is it sweet?

      Sweeet. Not something I would ever have come up with in my wildest dreams, but I like it!

    3. I believe that's Jorma on the typewriter, although I've got a little sleuthing to do to find out exactly what kind.

      The Typewriter Orchestra's got nothing on this.

    4. I happen to be a big Janis Joplin fan, and a typewriter nerd, of course. But I didn't know about the typewriter tapes!

    5. I don't know if you're aware also that Brian Eno used a typewriter for a brief "percussion over solo" on "China, My China", the penultimate track on his _Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)_ album.

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