• Releasing the Beast and the Magazine


    This typecast brought to you on a still unnamed 1967 Olympia Socialite. I need to get on that.

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    1. A typewriter give away at the Vortex party? I love it!

      So, seriously, when are you going to send me a copy of the new magazine? Also, I heard last year's racked up at the ACMAs. I beam with pride.

    2. What, no pictures???

    3. I know! I have to wait for pictures from someone else - my camera crapped out. The newpaper was there, though, so there should be something soon.

    4. Though I'm not as into naming my typers as you, but in my head I've always thought of my Socialite as Holly Golightly.

    5. I can't believe you said that! I actually have a Golightly in the works, via Writertypes. It should be arriving soon and I'll share her Golightlyness on here.

      I'm actually leaning a bit toward the Doris Day thing with the Socialite. I keep seeing "That Touch of Mink."

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