• Big-Ass Rolls of Paper, Part Two

    Just when I thought it was safe to get back on Ebay, a little search turned up a couple of good finds. I'm talking about that big-ass roll of Kerouacian paper that someone else snagged not long ago. Well, I've found about about 144 more rolls. It's teletype paper.

    Take a look HERE for the canary, Army surplus teletype paper (sans carbon).

    Peek over HERE for the carbon, multicopy paper rolls with carbon.

    This is a good news / bad news situation, though. It seems they're only sold in boxes of 12 right now and the shipping is crazy-high. Not to worry, I've left a note for the seller asking about selling singles. Anyone else interested?

    Hey, I'm just here to help.

    UPDATE: The seller is willing to part with these individually, so if you're interested, click on the link and contact him. His name is Mike and he sounds delightful.

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    1. Let me know what you discover about the ability to purchase a lone BAROP.

    2. Heads up, BAROP fans. He's willing to sell the rolls individually. Just click on one of the links in the post and send him a little note.

      BAROPs all round!

    3. Oh lord...this seller is about ten minutes from here. Literally. If that.


    4. You wouldn't even have to pay shipping!

    5. -Sniff-

      I used to be special.

    6. You realize your BAROP experience is completely responsible for this. I'm already trying to figure out which typewriter to set this up with. Since I have two rolls coming (one multi-copy with carbons and one "canary" without), I'm clearly going to need set-up advice.

      You're my go-to guy!

    7. I thought you might find this interesting as a source for slightly smaller orders of the teletype paper.

      They also seem to be selling it in white, which would be nice.



    8. Hunter, thanks so much! A new 235-foot B.A.R.O.P. is a special kind of magic. And in white! Heaven.

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