• The Dream is This: Poets on the Street and the Roar of a Typewriter Posse

    And this is how to negotiate a poem:

    Tallulah the Royal Futura

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    1. I hate to fess up to this, but I can still dimly recall how to change the ribbon on one of these little contraptions..

    2. I'm telling you, it comes back. Count it as an obvious mark of good character.

    3. Beautiful scene!

    4. I love the sound of the manual typewriter. It is like music to my ears whenever I hear someone typing and rolling paper on it. But as a poet, I would always prefer writing my pieces on a paper. Even when time passed me by, and already in an assisted living (PA) I would still prefer the smell of a pen than of an ink or carbon. I find it more sincere and creative if it done manually which is also an advantage when I get to my senior. Housing (Pittsburgh) or in house poetry writing is a great sign of hope that poetry still exists in the hearts of some individuals.

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    6. Great post, indeed a manual typewriter is so good to work with, I only write on manual typewriters.

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