• Lights Out


    (This typecast brought to you on Mamie, a 1948 Smith Corona Silent.)

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    1. I recall that, home from college one weekend, my mother borrowed my new (electronic) typewriter and was out on the back screened-in porch with it. A storm came up quickly; lightning struck close-by and somehow my poor machine was fried. I had to take it in for a completely new circuit board.

      You're unlikely to have such problems with any of your machines.

      Right now the Moon family has an obscenely heavy cast-iron tub in the backyard, until we figure out how to get rid of it. Not sure if that would be an appropriate tornado shelter or not. But with the tub under me and an Olympia holding me down, that twister would be hard-pressed to snatch me up.

    2. Invest in some chains, Duff. The twisters down here would take that tub clean out from under you and still leave your paper in the typewriter.

      They're selective like that.

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