• Paper-sack Story: Exhibit A


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    1. I love this story, and the 3D texture of the crumpled foil is a great effect.


    2. Excellent!

    3. I see a cellophane easy open strip from what looks to be...Marlboro ultra lights?? I think they have a silver theme to them. I can't remember I don't smoke anymore but I can picture them.


    5. Thanks Joe and Olivander.

      James - that would be the easy-opening strip from a pack of Virginia Slims. Don't ask. It's been a long week.

      Mike, what happens next is probably NaNoWriMo (if I ever get out of rewrite on the last one).

    6. This is great. The page itself looks like it was at the scene of the crash!
      I can imagine the next page with an ash tray and an embedded coffee ring!

    7. I think it needs one of those cheap, souvenir ashtrays. Maybe something stolen from the Holiday Inn.

    8. Love this and your Silent Type submission too. You have that short story 'thing' that some people just can't master (me cough cough).

    9. Interesting read!

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