• Dear President Eisenhower

    Acknowledgement of service obligation signed by Elvis Presley on March 24, 1958, to indicate that he understands that his total service obligation (both active and reserve) is 6 years., 03/24/1958 - 03/24/1958
    U.S. National Archives

    Elvis got that haircut at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. There's a nifty tourist shrine to the whole event at the Fort Chaffee Barbershop Museum. But that's not the point, really. The important thing is that, in a fit of tween desperation, Linda, Sherry, and Mickie felt impelled to write the only man who could stop this G.I. haircut madness:  The President.

    Letter from Linda Kelly, Sherry Bane, and Mickie Mattson to President Dwight D. Eisenhower Regarding Elvis Presley
    U.S. National Archives

    I don't know whether the best part of this is imagining the three of those girls working this out at some slumber party, or whether the best part is that through a series of offhand decisions, their letter became a U.S. National Archives document. In perpetuity, no less.

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    1. Gee I hope they pulled through in the end.

    2. I think it stated quite clearly in the letter what would happen if they gave Elvis a haircut. Another three innocent lives on Eisenhower's conscience, I think.

    3. That letter is a gem! Well worth preserving in perpetuity.

    4. In a perfect world, all three of these darlings lived to marry sideburned young men who looked a little like The King.

    5. Sounds like a trio of young folks who had their priorities well in hand!

      That handwriting is a treat, too. Reminds me of my sainted Grandmother's.

    6. P-R-E-S-L-E-Y...4ever. I can almost hear the squeals.

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